THE primary job of the senior leadership in an organization is to build alignment around four questions. Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we going? And how will we get there? Getting people on the same page with regards to these questions is essential to motivating and guiding action. We help you not only get on the same page once, but also develop practices so you can build alignment on an ongoing basis.

Common situations in which we’re engaged
  • Market realities are causing priorities to shift but not everyone sees the same path forward
  • A new strategy is being developed and broad input is needed to ensure it doesn’t happen in a vacuum
  • Senior leaders say they’re bought-in to a certain strategy, but their behavior tells a different story
How we work
  1. Gather data to develop a clear articulation of the current challenges
  2. Create opportunities for productive dialogue around differing opinions
  3. Find points of alignment as anchors to build upon
  4. Develop approach to strengthen alignment across senior team and broader organization

Example case studies
Case Study
Leading U.S. University

Transforming Endowment Operations

The endowment of a leading U.S. University was growing in size and complexity. The operations group, which had historically been a finance and accounting function, needed to step up its game…

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Case Study
Global Investment Management Firm

Managing Growth and Aligning a Partnership

This 1000-person firm has been a leader in a several investment management niches over 25 years. For many years they’ve had strong growth. When that growth slowed, fractures in the partnership resulted.

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