Even the smartest strategies can fall flat in execution. The reason is simple; execution is a minefield. The clean and elegant logic of strategy gets dirty in the real world. Agendas compete. Priorities clash. Decisions stall. Communication breaks down. Timelines get blown. It’s never a question of if these problems will happen; it’s a question of when and to what degree. We help senior leadership teams navigate the minefield.

Common situations in which we’re engaged:
  • Getting a broad cross-section of stakeholders aligned on realistic timelines and goals
  • Setting up structures and processes for a senior team to hold organizational leaders accountable without micromanaging them
  • Improving communication throughout the execution process
How we work:
  1. Review current project plans to assess execution risk
  2. Assist project teams in setting up processes to mitigate risks
  3. Empower senior leaders to productively delegate and hold teams accountable

Example case studies
Case Study
Global Investment Bank

Strengthening leadership during an organizational transformation

Due to a rapidly changing market, the demands placed on the IT leadership team of a large bank had far surpassed the processes and practices it had in place to manage them.

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Case Study
Global Insurance Company

Launching a new call center on the right foot

A global insurance company, well known for its customer service, was consolidating its operations into one regional call center. The shift to a centralized model would create important economies of scale.

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