Selected Client List

Client Testimonials

For six years, over the course of my tenure as CEO, Doug was an invaluable trusted advisor and strategic consultant working with me and 40 partners to run our 700-person firm. He has an unparalleled ability to understand both the hard and soft levers needed to drive success and to tailor solutions for what would actually make a difference in any given scenario. I deeply appreciated his partnership and guidance.

Mike Burton - CEO, Cornerstone Research

“The Sundheim Group is an insightful, non-nonsense, get-it-done partner. The best executive coach and organizational consultant I’ve ever used.”

Michael Hejtmanek - CEO, Hasselblad Bron Inc.

“We were getting bogged down by the sheer number of priorities and opinions we were managing. The Sundheim Group pulled us together and focused us on what mattered most.”

Joanna Rupp - Managing Director, University of Chicago Office of Investments

“We had some tricky issues to address, and not a lot of time to do it. The Sundheim Group moved quickly and professionally. They waste no time getting to the heart of issues.”

Mike Kelly - Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“The Sundheim Group came in, without deep software knowledge, and spoke to us in our language better than we could talk to each other. Doug has a natural instinct for knowing what will and won’t make a difference.”

Debbie Madden - CEO, Stride Consulting

“Doug helped me take my confidence, perspective and overall career growth to the next level. It was the mental training regime that I didn’t even know I needed at the time. A couple years later it is still paying daily dividends in terms of my strategic thinking, level of focus, and quality of interactions.”

Timm Chiusano - VP and Head of Kernel, Spectrum’s Creative Agency

“Doug was instrumental in shifting my perspective on leadership at a pivotal moment in my career. I had always been good at delivering results, but I had to get better at empowering and leveraging others to do so. Doug’s question-first style was effective, inviting me to challenge my own mental models and find the answers that worked best for me.”

Evan Lubeck - VP Commercial Product Management, American Express

“Doug was an excellent thought partner as I weighed tradeoffs in my personal and professional life. Never formulaic, he drew on thinking from business and economics to philosophy and psychology to generate useful discussions and valuable insights.”

Partner, Apollo Private Equity