Selected Client List

Client Testimonials

“The Sundheim team jumps in, works closely with clients, and provides actionable guidance—
not just theory. That’s the difference between Sundheim and others.”

“Talking to Doug is like talking to the Editor-in-Chief of 5 different business magazines. He can pull out infinite examples and case studies and tool kits.”

“Men (particularly business leaders) don’t like to ask for help, but Doug isn’t afraid of that. He makes the whole process seem like improving, not helping.”

“A large majority of corporate talk is bullshit and Doug is supremely unique in that he can cut through all of it and get men to talk about the real issues.”

“He is excellent at addressing team and organizational issues from a business-focused approach, which not everyone can do.”

“No one has commanded room like Doug has. He had everybody’s respect. He reads the room and talks to people at their level.”

“Even when you think you know what the problem is, Doug will find the true problem and give you a path to solve it.”

“Working with Sundheim was night and day compared to the previous coach I worked with. Their hard-hitting, no-nonsense approach is exactly what I needed and what the others lacked.”

“I always feel like Doug is on my side. Whatever environment he is in, he’s rolling up his sleeves and working beside me.”

“He reads people and depending on their personality helps them be more strategic, more direct, softer, etc.”

“One of the many things he does well is that he brings business focus to organizational and team interpersonal dynamics.”

“He had toolkits, which I did not see in work with the other coach. Depending on the issue we were working on, he could just pull out a relevant toolkit. Things I can still refer to when problems arise.”

“A lot of vendors get lost in our language. Doug came in, without any software knowledge, and spoke to us in our language better than we could talk to each other.”

“Compared to Doug, other consultants have lacked the business-savvy or just felt old-timey. The way he talked resonated with us. Doug helped people surpass limits they previously couldn’t get past.”