With twenty years of CEO advisory experience, we provide a seasoned and supportive space for reflection and strategizing.

The role of the CEO is different from any other in the organization. The CEO must see the entire context within which the organization is operating, understand the complex forces at play, set a broad vision, and be the final voice on tough decisions. It can be a rewarding role, yet it can also be lonely and weighty. The only way to truly learn the CEO role is to do it. We act as an objective sounding board and thought partner as the CEO navigates challenges and opportunities.

Common situations in which we’re engaged
  • CEO is driving significant strategic change, introducing a variety of risks
  • CEO is facing challenging issues with the executive team
  • CEO is looking for a trusted advisor over the course of his/her tenure
  • New CEO Support
How we work
  1. Discovery process to better understand strategic and organization context
  2. Gather feedback on CEO, as necessary, from relevant parties
  3. Open, flexible, and regular conversations across personal and professional topics
  4. Provide direct strategic support on key issues as needed

Example case studies
Case Study
Leading U.S. University

Transforming Endowment Operations

The endowment of a leading U.S. University was growing in size and complexity. The operations group, which had historically been a finance and accounting function, needed to step up its game…

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Case Study
Global Investment Management Firm

Managing Growth and Aligning a Partnership

This 1000-person firm has been a leader in a several investment management niches over 25 years. For many years they’ve had strong growth. When that growth slowed, fractures in the partnership resulted.

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