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A Brief Visit With Einstein

In the early months of 1955, just before Einstein’s sudden death from an aneurysm on April 18th, LIFE Magazine editor William Miller traveled unannounced to Einstein’s home in Princeton, NJ. He was accompanied by his son Pat, a Harvard freshman, and William Hermanns, a poet, scholar and long-time friend of Einstein’s. The reason for the…

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Fly High, Dive Deep

I’m currently helping a client think about mentoring in their organization. In the process I’m reviewing Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith’s good book Managers as Mentors. In it I came across a piece of advice that Fred Hassan, former Chairman of Shering-Plough and Bausch & Lomb and current Managing Director of Warburg Pincus, received from…

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Are You Daydreaming Enough?

Einstein’s theory of relativity started as a daydream about running beside a sunbeam. Newton’s theory of gravity was sparked during a daydream as he saw an apple fall from a tree. JK Rowling was daydreaming on a train when she came up with the idea of Harry Potter. Research and anecdotal evidence are clear; our…

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Taking Smart Risks

Smart risk-taking involves passion, planning, active learning, communication, and the ability to embrace and reward the inevitable small failures along the way. The application of Sundheim’s smart risk paradigm can transform businesses and personal lives. Counter-intuitively, we can gain more control by taking smart risks.

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Leadership Without Easy Answers

President Obama walked out of his final press conference yesterday and into the Roosevelt Room to do his final media interview as President. He sat down with Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor, four of his former advisors and speechwriters who now run Pod Save America, currently one of the top podcasts…

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Should you really build leadership at every level of your org?

[Spoiler alert: Yes!! If you don’t you’re dead in this economy.] I debated this question with the COO of medium-sized technology firm recently. His take was that while leadership at every level sounded nice, in reality it was impractical and unwise. His argument surrounded five reasons: Some people don’t have the skills to lead Some…