Executive coaching is an opportunity for a leader to step back and take stock of his/her strengths and areas for development. Sometimes the focus is on improving a specific skill. More often it’s on developing broad mindsets and behaviors needed to evolve from an effective technical contributor to an effective strategic leader. The process can vary in length but is often 6-12 months.

Common situations in which we’re engaged
  • A leader is taking on a larger role with increased responsibility
  • A leader is struggling to get the best out of his/her team
  • A certain behavior is holding back an otherwise strong leader from taking the next step in his/her career
How we work
  1. Discovery process to better understand strategic and organization context
  2. Leadership assessment, usually interview-based 360, to clarify developmental areas
  3. Support leader to share feedback with those who provided it to open lines of communication
  4. Open, flexible, and regular conversations between coach and coachee focused on strategies to best address development areas
  5. Assess progress and next steps

Example case studies
Case Study
Global Investment Management Firm

Managing Growth and Aligning a Partnership

This 1000-person firm has been a leader in a several investment management niches over 25 years. For many years they’ve had strong growth. When that growth slowed, fractures in the partnership resulted.

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Case Study
Software Startup

Refocusing resources for growth

A software startup found early success in selling mobile application tools to corporate IT departments across many industries. Unfortunately, after a few years it became clear this was a tough business to scale.

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