We provide a seasoned and supportive space for leaders and teams to reflect and strategize.

Below are four service areas.

CEO Advisory Services

The role of the CEO is different from any other in the organization. The CEO must see the entire context within which the organization is operating, understand the complex forces at play, set a broad vision, and be the final voice on tough decisions. It can be a rewarding role, yet it can also be lonely and weighty. The only way to truly learn the CEO role is to do it. We act as an objective sounding board and thought partner as the CEO navigates challenges and opportunities.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an opportunity for a leader to step back and take stock of his/her strengths and areas for development. Sometimes the focus is on improving a specific skill. More often it’s on developing broad mindsets and behaviors needed to evolve from an effective technical contributor to an effective strategic leader. The process can vary in length but is often 6-12 months.

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Executive Team Performance

Executive teams have a tough task these days. Technology is disrupting, expectations are shifting, and markets are transforming. Right answers don’t stay right for long. That means how an executive team works together is more indicative of success than any specific choice they make. Effective teams are flexible, fast-learning, high-trust, willing-to-risk, OK-to-fail, and exceptional at communication. We help you get there.

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Strategy Alignment and Execution

The first job of executive leadership is to build alignment around a vision and strategy. Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we going? And how will we get there? The second job of executive leadership is to execute that vision and strategy. Even the smartest strategies can fall flat in execution, which can be a minefield. We help you navigate the minefield.

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