Strengthen Teams

Senior teams have a tough task these days. Technology is disrupting, expectations are shifting, and markets are transforming. Right answers don’t stay right for long. That means how a senior team works together is more indicative of success than any specific choice they make. Effective teams are flexible, fast-learning, high-trust, willing-to-risk, OK-to-fail, and exceptional at communication. We help you get there.

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Build Alignment

THE primary job of the senior leadership in an organization is to build alignment around four questions. Who are we? Where are we going? Why are we going? And how will we get there? Getting people on the same page with regards to these questions is essential to motivating and guiding action. We help you not only get on the same page once, but also develop practices so you can build alignment on an ongoing basis.

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Lead Execution

Even the smartest strategies can fall flat in execution. The reason is simple; execution is a minefield. The clean and elegant logic of strategy gets dirty in the real world. Agendas compete. Priorities clash. Decisions stall. Communication breaks down. Timelines get blown. It’s never a question of if these problems will happen; it’s a question of when and to what degree. We help senior leadership teams navigate the minefield.

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How Effective is Your Senior Team?

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