Don’t Mistake Your Vision Statement for a Vision

July 18, 2017

Vision statements are words that have been coiffed and manicured to perfection. They’re usually uninspiring and dead on a wall.

By contrast, great visions are big ideas that are alive and messy. They’re engaging and visceral.

The acid test of a great vision – it pulls you.

When you get lazy, it pulls you off the couch. When you can’t see the road ahead, it pulls you through the fog. When things feel too tough, it pulls you over the hurdle. When people think you’re crazy, it pulls you past the crowd. And when you fall down, it pulls you back up.

A great visions pulls you because it hits something raw and real and makes it feel possible, even if difficult.

To motivate action don’t focus on developing a vision statement (that’s a silly by-product.) Focus on developing an honest-to-goodness vision instead. Really see that place you want to get to in all it’s glorious detail. The path will unfold.