Reconnect, Reenergize, and Realign

2020 has been tumultuous to say the least. As you look forward to 2021, what matters most?

Important questions your team should be asking and answering right now:

  • How should we prioritize our energy?
  • What, if any, changes should we make?
  • What risks do we need to manage?
  • What opportunities should we pursue?
  • And perhaps, most importantly, how do we keep our relationships strong?

Jumpstart 2021 is an open, yet structured one-day session (most likely virtual) for senior teams of 5-15 people to plan the year ahead. It provides a pause amidst the dynamic and transactional nature of your current day-to-day life to consider the above questions together.

Intended Outcomes
  • Reconnect and reenergize your team
  • Align on priorities for the coming year
  • Explore team’s momentum – What’s helping you? What’s holding you back?
The Process
  • Interview team members and produce insight report
  • Review/discuss current state and desired future
  • Do team assessment (for example, Myers Briggs)
  • Design day around highest-value conversations
  • 4-6 hours online with mix of large group and breakout sessions
  • Outputs of key planning discussions and next steps
  • Follow up meeting with relevant team members on next steps
Ideal Group Characteristics
  • Intact team of senior leaders and managers
  • 5-15 participants (larger groups can work with a narrower agenda)

“This exercise was the dynamite needed to open the dam. The response from people has been truly amazing. I am super energized to move forward with this team. We are starting a new team today.”

— Head of Investment Operations, University Endowment

“Doug is the real deal. Our organization has worked with many business/team consultants and Doug is a standout. He brings something truly unique: deep intelligence and insight coupled with straight talk and passion for getting the most out of the market and each other. I always leave meetings and conversations with Doug with new understandings and increased drive to take risk and make the important stuff happen.”

— Senior Vice President, International Consulting Firm

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