Doug Sundheim is an executive advisor, consultant, and coach with over 20 years of experience in growing businesses and helping others do the same. He works with leaders and teams of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial firms to help them maximize their effectiveness.

No stranger to the firing line of business, Doug started a 100-person catering company in his early 20’s, followed by several years in the marketing consulting field where his clients included Sony, M&M/Mars, Mattel, and Motorola among others. In 2000, Doug co-founded The Sundheim Group to help leaders and their teams break through the barriers that stifle performance in themselves and their organizations.

Doug draws on his experience as a leader and entrepreneur to help clients find practical solutions in complex situations. He co-creates each of his engagements with his clients to ensure alignment with organizational goals. Common areas of focus include leading effectively, driving change, and delivering measurable impact.

A frequent speaker on a variety of business topics including leadership, organizational culture, & strategy, he has delivered talks at Columbia University, New York University, The Society for Human Resources, and The World Research Group conference. In 2005, Doug co-authored The 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques, which has been translated into 5 languages and continues to be a bestseller. His latest book, Taking Smart Risks, was published by McGraw-Hill in January 2013.

Doug’s clients include American Express, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Apollo Management, Swiss Re, Chubb, Spectrum, University of Chicago, Harvard Management Company, Weill Cornell Medicine, Publicis Group, and the United States Federal Reserve System among others.

Doug holds a BS in Environmental Psychology from Cornell University and an MA in Adult Learning & Leadership from Columbia University.

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Great Leaders Bridge Divides

Originally published May 29, 2020 on Forbes The news in Minnesota and Kentucky today is sad. Acutely for the senseless violence and killing. More broadly for the divisive mindsets and rhetoric that are fueling it, starting at the top. Us vs Them is easy. Accentuate differences. Point out flaws. Ridicule the other. Draw battle lines.…

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We’re All Improv Actors Now

Originally published May 21, 2020 on Forbes by Doug Sundheim Leading in the current environment is stressful. Every day leaders are assessing and reacting to shifting realities. On good days, things click. On bad days, things fall apart. There is no way to remove the inherent anxiety amidst all the uncertainty. However, there are ways…

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When Crisis Strikes, Lead With Humanity

Originally published April 23, 2020 on Harvard Business Review by Doug Sundheim The writer George Saunders has a fitting analogy for the current Covid-19 moment: We’ve slipped on ice but haven’t hit the pavement yet. We’re caught in a suspended state between losing control and feeling the full impact. The comparison points to a paradoxical tension that…

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To Decrease Your Anxiety, Shoulder It For Others

It’s a wonderful paradox of life. One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. This truism is particularly powerful in times of high anxiety because it interrupts a classic vicious cycle. The more we focus on ourselves, the more we worry. And the more we worry, the more we focus on…

Firefly Productions/Getty ImagesDoug at HBR
Making Stakeholder Capitalism Work

Originally published January 22, 2020 on Harvard Business Review by Doug Sundheim and Kate Starr Stakeholder capitalism, a popular management theory in the 1950s and ‘60s that focused on the needs of all constituents, not just shareholders, has been poised to make a comeback since weaponized financial instruments brought down the economy in 2008. Now,…