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Pam Dodd

Senior Consultant

Verena Kugi Costescu

Senior Consultant

The Three Beliefs That Guide Our Work

People want to do great things

Through the years we've discovered that if you dig beneath the complacency and resignation common in many organizations, people have a genuine desire to do great things. They want to do something meaningful. They want to have a significant impact, but for various reasons they've been unable to. This is a tremendous source of untapped energy and potential in organizations.

People have latent abilities to do great things

We've also discovered that in the right conditions, not only do people have the desire to do great things, but they have the ability to do them as well. Often there's a level of skill or energy that others (or they themselves) never knew they had – until they're stretched to find it.

Greatness happens when you create an
environment to support it

A critical component to finding greatness is expecting it. When you expect greatness from people, they find ways to rise to the occasion to deliver it. When you give them tools and support, they find ways to create things that didn't seem possible. They find ways to surmount tough challenges. They proactively address problems that might have previously been swept under the rug. Ultimately, they take responsibility for the greatness of the organization themselves.
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